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A high school student smiling on graduation day

Your Ideas

Spirit Events and Activities

"They can have more rallies, or have guest speakers that once went to the school and have succeeded in life. This is important to show students why they should try in school so they can get into a good college."

Interesting and Fun Lessons

"Make the lessons more fun for the children because it will make people more enganged."

Field Trips and Experiential Learning

"To have more hands on activities because they are fun."

Lunch and Breaks

"Maybe a longer break time in between classes. I think this is important because if I'm stressed out about getting to class and I'm almost late I will still be stressed and wont do as much in class."


"My school should give LESS HOMEWORK - When they give us so much homework we have less time to be kids what we do instead is worry about if we are gonna get it done, that´s not being a kid."

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