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Elementary students reading books

What Can We Change?

Extracurricular Activities

"My school could have more and better after school activities or clubs. It's important because we should do a variety of things at our age to see what we want to do when we get older."

Spirit Events and Activities

"By having more school activities - Well if you have more activities at school then you feel more included."

Collaboration and Group Activities

"Not allowing school activities to be a popularity contest - You should give everyone a chance."

Quality Instruction and Staff

"Have kind teachers and yard duties so that them being angry and taking it out on you won't make you feel like you are supposed to be someone else. If you find a teacher or yard duty is being rude or disrespectful to you, you should see your principal and tell whats going on and what they can do."

Field Trips and Experiential Learning

"Have more field trips in middle school and high school. Helps you make new memories and get to know your peers better."

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