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Thoughts About The Calendar

Later start date

"School starts too early. The first day of school should be the last week of August at the earliest!"

Longer summer break

"Too many breaks during school and too little summer. I like the calendar from when I was a kid - start after Labor Day and end around Memorial Day. The kids don't get enough of a summer break and have a ridiculous amount of time off during the school year."

Short and minimum days

"If the district changed the every Thursday early out to once a month, the kids could have a little longer summer. It's hard for working parents to leave work early every Thursday and a longer summer would be safer because the kids are not in a class that may or may not have working AC."

Winter break

"When Christmas falls within a few days of our last day of class, I would prefer we had one week before Christmas and one week after Christmas, rather than teach up to the 22nd or 23rd."

General comments

"Having the day after Halloween as a Teacher Inservice day. Many other districts use the day after Halloween as a Teacher Work Day which causes a lot fewer unexcused absences for our district as many families keep their kids home that day because the children are tired from Halloween fun."

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