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Facilities and Technology Resources

"What is your plan for infusing schools and instruction with technology? Most schools and classrooms are dreadfully behind in technology, both for instruction and learning. This is beyond unacceptable. Our students are at a disadvantage."

Hire/Retain Quality Staff

"How are you evaluating teacher performance?"

Funding and Resources

"Why doesn't SJUSD provide funding for athletics transportation? As a child I was bussed to all athletic events, local or out of town. This provided great team-building opportunities, and frankly made sports more fun. Is it really just a matter of funding?"

Instruction and Program Delivery

"Amount of homework. Is homework actually benefiting the students? My student has no free time during the week beyond doing homework and participation in one sport."

Class Size

"Class sizes. When is the school district lowering class sizes especially for k-3rd grade?"

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