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Ideas To Improve

Class Size

"Smaller class sizes. The smaller the class size, the more teachers can tailor instruction to individual students and meet their diverse needs."

Funding and Resources

"Spend money where it matters: on the kids, not beautification. Promoting the kid's education is paramount for providing a fantastic learning experience."

Facilities and Technology Resources

"Technology. All schools in this day and age should not have trouble with access to current technology."

Enrichment Programs

"More arts programs. It has been proven that schools that have great art programs have higher graduation rates as well as lower incidence of depression and suicide among students."

Hire/Retain Quality Staff

"Teacher excellence. More time should be spent evaluating teachers and identifying lackluster teachers as well as excellent teachers. Lackluster teachers should be given intensive supports to improve and excellent teachers should be assigned to the most challenging schools and students and paid extra."

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