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Additional Thoughts Shared

Support Current Time

"I really like our school start times. The start times work great for our family who attend three different schools. Changing the start time will complicate things for families with multiple kids. My concern for starting high school later would be less time for, homework, sports, and students working."

Support Later Time

"Older children need just as much sleep, if not more, than young children. Starting school every day before 8am does not give them the opportunity to get adequate sleep in order to be productive and focused all day long"

Transportation / Drop-Off

"Accommodations can be made for children who must be dropped off early because their parents need to get to work at an early hour. Cafeterias and libraries can be opened, with low cost or free breakfast offered for all. Students who are "early birds" could use the time to do their homework or study in the library. "

Prepare Students for Real World

"We need to consider what we are teaching the students. Going to bed alittle earlier and training ourselves to get up early is not a bad thing. We do it as adults. I have never had any issues with my 5 kids."

Research Supports Later Start Time

"Research points to the benefits of a later start time. I applaud you for beginning this discussion and urge a change to a later start time for all schools, but especially middle and high school, since these seem to have dreadfully early start times. It seems that several recent studies support such a change. I do too!"

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