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Thoughts About February Break

Support shorter February break - if lengthens summer

"Would like it if it means a longer summer break. I don't think we need a full week off in February and would love to see those days added to the summer break."

Prefer current February break

"February break is my favorite time of the year. February break is the only break that does not revolve around a holiday that has to be "prepped" for. It's timing is wonderful."

Shorter February break

"Yes, this is reasonable. Presidents day is a one day government holiday, there is no need to have a full week off. This would also allow the school year to end earlier or start later."

Travel in February

"February is a great time for families to travel! Several school districts do not offer this break making it an excellent time to travel. Every February, we get great deals on airfare, hotels, etc. And fight way fewer crowds at amusement parks, national parks, museums, etc."

Two Mondays off

"I would prefer two Mondays rather than a Monday and Tuesday together. I think that two 3-day weekends can be more refreshing, and 4-day work/school weeks can be just as productive as full weeks."

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