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Our Concerns Are

Homework, Extracurricular, and Family Time

"Later hours are more difficult with sports and other things after school. There is barely enough time to do homework now without choosing homework over sleep. Later start times just eat into that."

Difficulties for Working Parents

"What resources would be available to help working parents drop off early? I think it is a nice idea to start later, but it requires a bigger cultural shift than just the schools themselves. If there was a before-school social club for the students to go have breakfast and hang out, that would help."

Families Managing Multiple Start Times

"It would be important to make sure start times are staggered between elementary, middle, and high school for those parents trying to get their kids to multiple school sites in the same morning."

Prepare Students for Real World

"Children have done fine for as long as I can remember starting school at 8:00. They need to begin to prepare for life as an adult. They will be expected to show up for work at a time determined by their employer, which would likely be 8:00 or earlier."

Transportation / Drop-Off

"My sons sometimes walk home after school and a later start time would mean a later end time. In the fall, this could translate into them walking home in the dark."

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