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Four high school students standing together and smiling

How We Can Support Our Students With This Transition

Student Support and Intervention

"Identifying students and providing effective intervention for those in danger of failing sooner than later. Waiting until progress reports is late. Most diligent teachers know the students who are underperforming in advance. They need to take initiative to refer student/parent for intervention."

Tutoring and Guidance Counselling

"Offer after school tutoring and extending school library hours. You have to practice on a regular basis to gain proficiency. Having access to these resources on campus can be of great asssistance to students."

Teachers and Staff

"Provide teachers with sufficient time and resources to make the change successfully-unlike the switch to IM. This change will only help students if they have excellent teachers who are confident and happy with their role."

Electives and Extracurricular Activities

"Incorporate "old" classes such as shop, mechanics, home economics, etc into ALL high schools. ALL students can benefit, even if they are more "academic". Students need more "life" skills when graduating."

Curriculum and Programming

"Offer classes for hard to fill jobs/careers. Give students an opportunity to develop skills to get a job after high school also."

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