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Students helping each other in the classroom

How Can We Help?

Academic Help and Tutoring

"My school offers tutoring on most days of the week in a lot of different subjects. It's important because if a student is struggling to learn there is easy access for help."

Seeking and Providing Help

"Explain what was done wrong and give constructive help on what is right. Sometimes I feel scared to get something wrong and I often feel bad about mistakes I make in the classroom. I wish they were more accepted and embraced."

Acknowledge and Communicate With Students

"Talk with me. I think it's important that teachers should talk with their students and see how they are doing, so as a class we can move on."

Quality Instruction and Staff

"By not telling it in a difficult way - Sometimes teachers over complicate things."


"Our school could recommend assigning less homework to students. This would relieve so much stress that is put on kids today. Getting home from 8 hours of nonstop brain work, only to do another four hours of it doesn't help. Teachers need to realize that students have a life."

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