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Concerns About Support

Counseling and Social Worker Supports

"Monthly (or yearly) sessions with students. This is important because students with hard home lives that they can't share with any of their friends or family. If they meet a counselor they have someone to tell their problems so it doesn't become a problem later in life."

Student Support and Engagement

"More time necessary. I believe there should be more time for students to get the help that they need."

Counselors, Behavioral & Health Staff

"More social work and psychology assistance. I believe that San Juan overall needs to invest more in social workers and psychologists. Issues like bullying, trauma (in home, from past), anger issues, depression issues, stress, etc. are overwhelming our students."

Instructional Assistant and Classroom Management

"Lack of support staff. I feel like we need more support staff, even if part time, to be here throughout the day. Having an aide for 20 minutes in 2 class periods does not provide enough support."

Meeting Diverse Learning Needs

"Additional support services required for both high and low achievers. Knowing there are budget challenges and knowing that bond measures (plural) have been passed for infrastructure, in what manner can support challenges be identified, then support process be administered? From Social Services to College Counseling. Seemingly additional resources could be provided."

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