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Students and crossing guards smiling

What Keeps You Interested?

Peer Support and Social Relationships

"My friends keeps me interested and I like my teacher. He makes it fun and awesome,also he's funny, that's what keeps me interested in school. It is important to have friends because they keep you entertained and when you're sad or mad and teachers would keep you entertained too."

College-Career Readiness

"Everything that is connected to academics and my future. It's important in school because your grades and interests will affect your following life and career."

Quality Instruction and Staff

"I like how schools have kind, not strict teachers. I also like all the activities, such as, P.E., music, art, etc. I think it is important because it gives students the freedom to try new things. And to be with friends to help each other learn."

Engaging Content and Lessons

"Learning new things - It is important because when I get older I know how to do things and how they work."

Interesting and Fun Lessons

"A teacher who is not boring and has a sense of humor and is not always being a typical teacher. So he/she keeps their kids occupied which in turn makes them more involved which should bring up their grades because they are actually trying."

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