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Thoughts About Spring Break

Easter family time and travel

"Spring break should always coincide with Easter. Many families travel or have family come to their home during this time. Easter is still a largely celebrated event by families, which means that a lot of students and families would be inconvenienced over this."

Prefer current spring break

"Don't move spring break. Spring break doesn't need to be moved. It is traditionally the weak prior to Easter for a reason. The kids and staff can hold out an extra few weeks for their vacation. Most of us don't get evenly spaced vacations throughout the year."

Easter Monday off

"Mondays after Easter off. It's a travel days for most familes. Give the Monday after Easter off."

Alternative considerations

"Do not move spring break to March. I enjoy having the time off around Easter to be with family. If you consider moving spring break, think about moving it to the week AFTER Easter. That way families can travel to be with one another without having to miss Easter activities."

Breaks are spread out

"I look forward to the break around Easter as a time to refuel. It is a long time between breaks and moving to March means a very long stretch toward the end of the year."

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