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Services That Support

Extracurricular and Athletics

"Extra-curricular activities like drama, band, choir and sports. Such activities provide motivation for students to go above and beyond required school topics in order to achieve success in chosen activities."

After-School Help and Tutoring Support

"Tutoring (peer to peer, teacher to student). One on one help is the most helpful. If there was a way to fund peer tutors or extra hours for staff to tutor, the impact would be very beneficial."

Teachers and Staff

"Teachers are our best support for kids. Their relationships, consistency, knowledge and dedication is what our students need to be successful . The District needs to do more to give them the tools they need to work with their ever changing population of kids."

Counselors, Behavioral & Health Staff

"Counseling and social worker help to meet the social and emotional needs. The social and emotional needs of the students and their families need to be met before the students can be expected to really be focused on their learning. We need more full time counselors and social workers at the elementary and K-8 schools."

Facilities and Technology Resources

"The Library is a great place for students to expand their knowledge on books and grow their vocabulary."

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