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A male student wearing a graduation cap and gown

Our Thoughts On The New A to G Requirements

Vocational and Other Career Tracks

"I have seen the requirements changed - what are we offering for vocational development? It’s important too. Many students will go to college, however, many need training in job skills that can support a future for their family."

Student Support and Intervention

"What support systems will be in place for students who are struggling? I don't want kids to fall behind and not be able to meet graduation requirements."

Support For College

"All junior high and high school students should be aware of what is necessary to get into college or university. Not all students come from backgrounds that have support from their community in working toward higher education."

Electives and Extracurricular Activities

"Rigorous academic requirements may lead to some students repeating classes at the expense of electives ... which could lead to a hate of school. There's all kinds of learning. Arts and performance, physical activity, and hands-on project-and-team based classes inspire love of learning & school."

Tutoring and Guidance Counselling

"A support system needs to be in place for students who fall under these new requirements. Tutoring, extra help for students who are struggling. Not all students have access to get help, such as tutoring. And once they fall behind, struggle it may become overwhelming for them. School is hard."

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